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Milestones: An Entrepreneurs Journey

Milestones: An Entrepreneurs Journey

My 20 year anniversary on November 11, 2016 is a milestone of professional and personal success.
As I reflect on the 20 years, the success comes from the feelings of being happy, proud, and grateful to still be working in the bakery business. I never get tired of the aromas of freshly baked breads…or the taste. The career choices we make are a direct correlation to our emotional success. While money can’t buy you happiness, in business you do need to make money to keep going. But equally important is the enjoyment you receive in your job.

I like owning House of Bread because I feel really good about producing a healthy and delicious product. Today’s breads have gotten a bad rap the last 20 years, and rightfully so. House of Bread is truly different from the modern loaves. While people can taste the good ole fashioned quality difference immediately, the nutritional difference is often harder to discern. Mass manufacturers of breads are trying to paint themselves as nutritional and use clever ways to package the inferior breads as “healthy”.

My longevity in this business is because I keep producing breads with integrity, just like my beloved grandma did. The integrity is in baking with all natural ingredients and never compromising our commitment to health with the addition of vital wheat gluten. Today, the “organic” “natural” breads in the grocery stores, splash that title around and many people assume an organic bread is the best healthy choice. Unfortunately, that is not true. There is a real gluten problem, with people consuming way more gluten then the body was designed to handle. House of Bread doesn’t add any vital wheat gluten, which is why people tell me all the time that my bread is the only bread they can eat and feel good afterwards.

The intangible rewards of knowing you are helping people have better lives is priceless.