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House of Bread Bakery Cafes offer hands-on bread baking classes. The San Luis Obispo House of Bread on Farmhouse Lane is hosting classes! Further, they are offering private classes, which allows you to pick your fellow students, baking topics and bring young children. We can also customize a shorter class for businesses, book clubs, bridal showers, or child birthday parties or even adult birthday parties-where people want to want to play with dough and maybe enjoy our adult beverages while breaking bread together.

The students in the full baking classes learn how bread is made, the chemistry behind successful loaves, how dough is kneaded, how it should feel, how to bake it and what creative, fun things can be made! Students leave with recipes, the knowledge to make bread at home and breads they made from their own two hands!

There are no prerequisites to the classes, so beginners and advanced students are welcome. Classes start at 9:30am. Classes last approximately 3 hours. All classes cost $75 per person. Minimum age is 10 years old. Class size is limited to nine people. We do offer any of the baking topics for private parties of full baking classes of $300 flat fee and $20 per person, shorter sessions two hours, $200 plus the $20 per person or even a mini one-hour class for $100 and $20 per person. We are flexible and welcome creative input on how to create a fun event for your group.

Classes Will be Held at the Farmhouse Lane Location Only


Classes start at 9:30am. Classes last approximately 2 ½-3 hours. All public series classes cost $75 per person. Class size is limited to eight people, and if you are registering more than two people, please email to make sure we have room. If you have questions, email

2.5-3 HOURS





AGE 10+




On line Baking Classes Available!


From Clay:

Took the sourdough baking class at the House of Bread. It was awesome. Marianne, the teacher, was great. Very knowledgeable and very informative. I want to go back for the focaccia and pizza dough class. I would highly recommend.


August 6th:
Baking Basics – Grandma’s White, Cheese Breads, Swirl Breads, and basic loaf shapes.

August 12th:
Whole Grain Bread-baking with 100% whole wheat flours, cinnamon rolls and basic loaf shapes.
July 29th and September 4th-class is full but please email to be put on the wait list:
Sourdough Breads and Starters, with take home starter and instructions for care.
July 21st and August 27th:
Flat Breads, to include Foccacia, Pita and Pizza dough.
July 25th:
Gluten free loaves, quick breads and cookies.
August 8th and September 11th:
Artisan Breads – Ciabatta & French Breads

Private Classes available for $300 plus a $20 materials fee per person with a maximum of 9. Private party classes 2 hours $200 and $20 materials fee up to 16 people. For kid’s parties, one adult is required for 4 kids, at no charge.

While someone showing you the “good” dough stage is best, next best is video. We offer on line classes for $9.95 here.