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Sweet Breakfast Tray ($4 per person) - Contains sweet pastries and breads

Savory Breakfast Tray ($7 per person) - Sunrise Egg Breakfast Sandwiches & pastries

Continental Breakfast ($8 per person) - Cinnamon rolls, Muffins, Scones, Croissants, Sweet Breakfast Breads, Sunrise Egg Breakfast sandwiches, & Orange Juice.

Hoagy Sandwich Tray ($8.50 per person) - A variety of hoagie style sandwiches arranged on serving trays ready to eat. Choose sandwiches below.

Boxed lunch $11 per person - A variety of sandwiches on sliced breads with a drink & bag of chips. Choose sandwich below.

Full Lunch Meal (Best Deal) $12 per person - A Variety of sandwiches along with a Garden salad and enougth dessert to feed all.

Other Options:

Fruit tray $45 A variety of fresh seasonal fruit. serves 12.

Salad $35 Fresh Garden Salad or Pasta Salad. serves 12.

Dessert Tray $2 per person a dessert tray of sweet pastries & breads.

Drinks $2.25 per person a variety of drinks including water, sodas, & juices

Gormet Chips $1.75 per person

Bread upgrade $2 per person Cheese or Gluten Free bread detail below.

Organic Coffee $ 2.25 per person. Includes stir sticks, sugar, cups, & half n half

Sandwich Options:

Give me a variety

Cranky Turkey

HOB Club

Italian Grinder

The Western

Veggie Delight

Tuscan Chicken

Fusion Panini

Ham & Cheese

Salad Sandwich

Monthly Special

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