Milestones: An Entrepreneurs Journey


My 20 year anniversary on November 11, 2016 is a milestone of professional and personal success. As I reflect on the 20 years, the success comes from the feelings of being happy, proud, and grateful to still be working in the bakery business. I never get tired of the aromas of freshly baked breads…or the taste. The career choices we … Read More

The Joy of Baking

No matter where you turn, you hear something about ways to eat healthier. All too often that talk centers on eliminating things from your diet that you really enjoy, particularly baked goods. But treats are part of healthy diet—when enjoyed in moderation and, most importantly, when they are made with real ingredients. Of course the way to ensure that you … Read More

Quality vs. Cost

For all small businesses, a crucial issue is controlling expenses without compromising quality. Sheila McCann, founder of House of Bread, knows how simple mistakes can eat into profits when it comes to running her bakery. The main two costs for any small food service business are goods and labor, and the bottom line is those two costs should equal no … Read More

Favorite Thanksgiving Breads

No two ways about it, Thanksgiving is all about food, and bread plays a big role in our feast. From dinner rolls served alongside the meal to the stuffing in the turkey, people continue to celebrate the holiday with a range of tasty, seasonal breads. House of Bread can help you make your Thanksgiving dinner that much more delicious (and … Read More

The Truth About Being Your Own Boss

store front

Many of us dream of starting our own business and working for ourselves. But turning that dream into a reality requires no small amount of work, as well as the skill to manage others that can be a challenge for many. Sheila McCann, founder of House of Bread, shared her insight into managing a production team as a small business … Read More

Turning Dough Into Money

Store Interior

For Sheila McCann, opening her first House of Bread bakery was about more than creating a successful money making business, it was an effort to restructure her life. A former public defender, McCann wanted a career that would not only give her life a more positive spin, but also one that would benefit others. Providing healthy, natural bread seemed like … Read More

Bread for Weight Loss

Bread for Weight Loss

Most likely if you have ever tried to lose weight, one of the first things you did was cut back or eliminate bread from your diet. But is bread really the reason why people gain weight? Or is it possible that bread could help you actually lose weight? The answer may surprise you. A Kernel of Truth Not all bread … Read More

Bread baking 101

So you want to make bread? Creating a loaf of your favorite bread—soft on the inside, crunchy on the exterior—can be a rewarding, and delicious, experience. But even the best bakers occasionally struggle with turning out that perfect loaf of bread. Here are the top five most common problems and the possible reasons why your bread baking experience didn’t rise … Read More

Good Carbs for Physical Stamina

Good Carbs

Think a healthy diet means cutting out carbs? Think again. The right kind of carbohydrates is actually very important for giving your body the energy and stamina it needs. That being said, some carbs are better for you than others. Want to know more? Let’s start with a refresher on just what exactly carbs are. The simplest carbs are sugars, … Read More