Franchise Information

Franchise Information

Franchise Information

Since 1996, House of Bread Bakery Cafe has been providing high-quality, healthy, delicious offerings to our customers. We have enjoyed a phenomenal response to our products and have greatly exceeded our initial sales projections. House of Bread Bakery Cafe has found its niche primarily through heavy sampling, open production sites, consistent high product quality and excellent customer service; we have been utilizing these proven strategies for success.

House of Bread Bakery Cafe Franchising offers an opportunity to experience the pride and independence of owning your own business along with the benefits of a proven system and a strong support network. Changing times are encouraging people to own their own businesses and control their own futures as they seek to be free from the pressures of the corporate world. House of Bread Bakery Cafe Franchising is a natural fit for those who aren’t afraid of hard work and are ready for a rewarding and successful business environment.

House of Bread Bakery Cafe Franchising has planned for responsible, managed growth by building a network of intelligent, hard-working and honest Franchisees who enjoy making great bread and offering quality services.

Total initial startup costs vary depending upon whether new or used equipment is purchased. Typical start up costs $250,000. Also included in this fee is the franchise fee, travel, training, location selection, site build-out, point-of-sale information system, equipment purchasing, initial supplies and ingredients ordering, organizational expenses, signage, pre-opening promotions and working capital. We do not provide direct financing. However, we do provide assistance with financial projections, business plan designs, and lender negotiations. Generally, you will need $125,000 in cash, in order to be eligible for a Small Business Administration backed loan. Keep in mind that $70,000 of the $125,000 can be obtained through a home equity loan.

Training and Support
The Franchise company promises to provide you with all the tools you will need to start your own House of Bread Bakery Cafe and will continue to support you after your store opens. We will provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Financial projections and business plan design
  • Bakery location selection with demographic requirements and recommendations
  • Store layout focusing on streamlined success and customer experience
  • Our state-of-the-art point-of-sale information system specifically designed for all locations
  • Equipment requirements and procurement sources
  • Detailed supply and ingredient requirements and assistance in vendor relations
  • Owner training at Franchise company store, other Franchisee stores and on-site for all staff
  • Employee training materials, schedules, and documentation
  • Operational control systems including employee recommendations, register controls, product pricing and production trouble shooting
  • Accounting, billing and payroll systems
  • Advertising, promotion formats, and publicity suggestions
  • Proven recipes, production schedules, and assistance
  • Wholesale strategies and systems

Location Selection
The demographic area for a House of Bread Bakery Cafe should be a town with a population of at least 15,000 people within the city limits or an area with over 30,000 people within a five mile radius.

Income Potential
How much money you make is a result of your own efforts, ambition, and market potential. However, we provide historical financial information in our Federal Disclosure Document that is provided after we receive a franchise application.. Generally, how fast you achieve your financial goals depends upon many variables but mostly it depends on you.

For our Franchise Kit, please complete the contact form below. If you would like someone to contact you to discuss franchise opportunities, please fill out the Let’s Get Acquainted Form.

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