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At House of Bread Bakery Cafe we make bread the way Grandma made it – by hand, fresh & naturally.

We are dedicated to providing your family with the best tasting and most nutritious bakery products available. At House of Bread Bakery Cafe, good taste comes naturally. Stop by a House of Bread Bakery Cafe and treat yourself to some samples of the freshest most delicious breads made today.

It's no accident that House of Bread Bakery Cafe locations have a look that takes us back to a kinder, gentler, simpler time and place. The desire to create this environment came from founder Sheila McCann, who was ready for a change of pace after six years as a criminal trial lawyer. Sheila often reminisced about the time spent with her Grandma baking bread on the family ranch in Montana. From those favorite memories came a dream for a new business producing bread that is good for the body and soul.